War Agent is a free-to-play 3D MMO shooter, set in the mid-20th century, with very unique PvP, gameplay, and wonderful graphics. This game allows players to enjoy a super exciting shooting battle against enemies. Fight alone or together with your partners to save the chaotic world? It all depends on you.
Tank Battle is a top down shooter game with chibi characters. It reproduces the classic gameplay of MMOG Battle City. Players can relive their childhood memories while enjoying an exciting battle. It is also a creative game full of sentiments.
The World of Manga is in danger now! Most heroes who protected the manga world have been enchanted by evil magic and have been turned into evil crushers. The Anime Goddess is now calling the rest of unaffected heroes to fight together against evil forces and save innocent people.
Clash of Assassins is an Action Role Playing Online Game. The main story is based on the Clashes for the Emperor Throne in the Ming Empire of China happened between the Crown Prince (Son of the Emperor) and Prince Kim (The little Brother of the Emperor) while the Emperor was seriously ill.