Almuathir Tech FZ LLC. Privacy Policy

Last modified: Nov 29, 2016

We at Almuathir Tech have created thisPrivacy Policy to describe how information is collected, used, and disclosedwhen you visit or use a Almuathir Tech Offering. By accessing and/orusing this Almuathir Tech website or any Almuathir Tech Offering, you areaccepting the practices described in this Privacy Policy.

The term "Almuathir Tech" meansAlmuathir Tech Games, Inc. and/or its Affiliates. The term "Affiliate" means,with respect to any party, any person or entity which controls, is controlledby, or is under common control with, such party. The term "AlmuathirTech Offering" means the websites of Almuathir Tech, any othersites on which this Privacy Policy is posted, and any other Almuathir Techapplication, service or product licensed, downloaded or otherwise accessed byyou through third party sites or sources, including the products and servicesavailable through any of the foregoing.


Personally Identifiable Information:

We may collect the following informationwhen you sign up with a Almuathir Tech Offering: first name, last name, date ofbirth, email address, mailing address, phone number, credit or debit cardinformation or other payment details, depending on your form of payment.

Technical Information:

When a user accesses a Almuathir TechOffering, we may collect technical information about the user’s device, such asthe IP address that requested the display of the Almuathir Tech Offering, theoperating system type, and the identifiers associated with the device.

Sign Up and Survey information:

Any information you provide to us, and anyinformation you choose to share about yourself as part of your use of any AlmuathirTech Offering, may be stored as entered.

Cookies and Web beacons:

Cookies are text files that we and ourservice providers may place on your device's browser to enable our systems torecognize your browser and to provide features such as storage of items in yourshopping cart between visits, personalized Almuathir Tech advertisements onthird party websites and mobile applications, and personalized third partyadvertisements within certain Almuathir Tech Offerings. We may use Adobe Flashcookies to remember your settings, preferences and usage within a AlmuathirTech Offering. Web beacons, clear .gifs or similar technologies are smallpieces of code that we and our service providers may place on a Almuathir TechOffering to monitor and collect data about visitor behavior within the AlmuathirTech Offering.

Cookies and Web beacons:

We may receive a confirmation when youopen email from Almuathir Tech, if your computer supports such capabilities. Wemay also track other types of information, such as what games users downloadand install, any download errors, what games users purchase, how long our usershave been participating in any Almuathir Tech Offerings, the last time a useraccessed a Almuathir Tech Offering, user behavior and gameplay, whether a userhas won any of our games, sweepstakes, contests or other promotions featured ona Almuathir Tech Offering, ad response measurement and other Almuathir TechOfferings analytics.

Social Networking Sites:

If you access a Almuathir Tech Offeringvia a third party social networking site (a "Social Game"), AlmuathirTech may receive information about your social networking site profile,including without limitation the information you make publicly available, yoursocial networking site user ID, your first, last and user names, profile andcover photos. If you invite new members into your Social Games network or sendmessages through Social Games, we may collect the information associated withthose messages, including your friends' social networking site user IDs, emailaddresses and content.


When you download or access Almuathir TechOfferings via a mobile device, we and our service providers may receiveinformation about your location (based on your IP address) and your mobiledevice, including various unique identifiers associated with your device,hardware type, the version of your operating system and your in-game activity.We and our service providers may use this information to provide you withpersonalized advertising and other content, including advertising and contentbased on your location.

Aggregated, Anonymous Information:

We may collect aggregated, anonymizedinformation via Almuathir Tech Offerings that does not identify any single useror device. If you choose to provide a username within a Almuathir TechOffering, please do not provide as your username any information thatidentifies you in real life, such as your real name.


We may use your username, email address,and password to uniquely identify you as a user on a Almuathir Tech Offering,to provide you with services and to process transactions. We may use or displayyour username and icon or profile photo, if applicable, for the purposes ofrankings, competitions or sweepstakes, chat identification, and/or game highscores. We may use your date of birth to confirm your eligibility toparticipate in Almuathir Tech Offerings.

Subject to the terms of this PrivacyPolicy, we may use your contact information to process our promotionalnewsletters and/or email campaigns and to send you updates, security alerts, oradministrative messages relating to Almuathir Tech Offerings. Your contactinformation will allow us to notify you about new features, enhancements,resolution of Almuathir Tech Offerings problems, handle and/or route yourcustomer support questions and issues, and inform you of upgrade opportunities,sweepstakes, contests, prizes, and/or special events.

If our "Tell a friend" featureis available within a particular Almuathir Tech Offering and you choose toparticipate in it, your email will be shared with the person to whom you sendthe Almuathir Tech Offering using this feature. We may use an IP address tosurface the appropriate country-based version of a Almuathir Tech Offering to auser, or to exercise our ability to restrict access to the site by users whohave violated our Terms of Use.

We and our third party service providersuse cookies and other technologies, such as mobile device identifiers, toenhance your experience with Almuathir Tech Offerings. These technologiesenable us and our service providers to run our affiliate programs and provideyou with customized content or offerings, such as personalized Almuathir Techadvertisements on other websites and mobile applications and personalized thirdparty advertisements within certain Almuathir Tech Offerings. Cookies alsoenable you to automatically sign in when you access a Almuathir Tech Offering,and offer other operational activities within a Almuathir Tech Offering. We andour third party service providers may also use cookies and other technologiesto manage and measure the performance of third party advertisements withincertain Almuathir Tech Offerings, and Almuathir Tech advertisements on thirdparty sites and mobile applications. This helps us and our service providersprovide more relevant advertising to you. We and our third party serviceproviders may also use web beacons to monitor user behavior and collectinformation about visitors viewing a web page.

We may use information collected tocalculate aggregate, anonymized statistics about our user community for thepurpose of enhancing our Almuathir Tech Offerings, or for security purposes.

If you access a Social Game, we may useyour social networking site profile ID to link your social networking siteaccount with your activities within the Social Game or offer personalized AlmuathirTech advertisements on the social networking site. We may use your socialnetworking site first, last and user names and icon to identify you to thesocial networking site account you've linked to your activities within theSocial Game, as well as for the purposes of rankings, competitions,sweepstakes, game high scores and/or identification to your social network.

If you access a Social Game and provide uswith another person's contact information for purposes of deliveringinformation through a Social Game, we may use this information to contact and,if necessary, remind that person that she or he has been invited to join aSocial Game or received content through a Social Game. All invitees areprovided with the option not to receive further invitations from Almuathir Tech.

We at Almuathir Tech take reasonablemeasures to help protect the information we collect from loss, theft, misuseand unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction.


We may share customer information with AlmuathirTech Affiliates, and as described below.

Third Party Marketplaces and Service Providers:

We may disclose your personal informationas well as aggregate, anonymous information to third party business partners,marketplaces, and third parties who perform services for us, such as creditcard processing, prize fulfillment, delivering packages, sending postal mail,collecting and analyzing data, providing search results and links (includingpaid listings and links), and providing advertising and marketing assistance,including serving ads on our behalf on third party websites and mobileapplications and serving ads on behalf of third parties within certain AlmuathirTech Offerings. Those third parties have access to your personal informationonly as necessary to perform their functions, and for no other purposes.

Business Transfers:

As Almuathir Tech continues to grow, wemight sell or buy certain subsidiaries and/or business units. In suchtransactions, customer information is generally one of the transferred assets.Also, in the unlikely event that Almuathir Tech or substantially all of itsassets are acquired, customer information would in most cases be one of thetransferred assets.

Protection of Almuathir Tech and Others:

We may also disclose your information ifthere is a violation of the Terms of Use or other agreements; if we have agood faith belief that the law requires it; or if needed to protect the rights,property or safety of Almuathir Tech, our customers or others. This includesexchanging information with entities for fraud detection and protection, andcredit risk reduction.


Promotional email communications:

When you create a customer account orprovide access to your email address via a Almuathir Tech Offering, you may beautomatically registered to receive one or more of our promotional e-newsletters. Note that when you provide an email address through a AlmuathirTech Offering, we treat that as a request to be enrolled in one of ourpromotional e-newsletter lists, even if you previously opted out of receivingnewsletters from us, but if you change your mind and wish to opt out again, youmay do so at any time by clicking the "unsubscribe" link atthe bottom of any newsletter and then following the instructions provided. Ifyou express interest in a Almuathir Tech Offering by clicking on a bannerwithin a newsletter, you may be automatically registered to receive newslettersrelating to the Almuathir Tech Offering that appeared in the banner.

At any time, you may opt-out of receivinga newsletter by selecting the "unsubscribe" link at the bottomof any newsletter. We treat each Almuathir Tech Offering individually, so ifyou are receiving mailings from more than one Almuathir Tech Offering, if youwant to unsubscribe you must do so with respect to each individually. Pleasenote that we reserve the right to send you non-promotional, account oradministrative emails even if you opt out of receiving promotionale-newsletters.

Cookies, Online Advertising and Analytics:

Please refer to your browser settings andhelp section to learn about blocking, erasing or being notified of cookies. Youcan manage your Flash cookies by using Adobe's Flash management here. However, because cookies allow you totake advantage of some of Almuathir Tech Offerings' essential features, werecommend that you leave cookies turned on. For example, you may not be ablemake purchases on Almuathir Tech Offerings without having cookies turned on. Toopt out of receiving personalized advertising from many ad networks, dataexchanges, marketing analytics and other services providers, please

Mobile Advertising:

Most mobile devices provide the ability toopt out of the collection and use of information from the apps you use forpurposes of serving ads targeted to your interests. For more information, andto exercise these choices, consult the settings on your device.

Social Games:

With respect to Social Games, you maymanage your own social network privacy preferences through your socialnetworking site account.


Almuathir Tech Offerings may allow you toplay or share information through social media (such as by logging in through asocial media account or using a "Like" button") or contain linksto social media services or other third parties. The use of these features andlinks are subject to the privacy policies of those companies and your settingson those services. Almuathir Tech has no control over, and is not responsiblefor, the information submitted to or collected by social networks or otherthird parties. We encourage you to review those third party privacy policies tounderstand the way your information may be collected and handled by such thirdparties.


Almuathir Tech Offerings may operatemessage boards and/or chat areas where users can exchange ideas and communicatewith each other. When posting to a message board or chat area, the informationis being made publicly available in an online environment. Any informationposted is the sole responsibility of the individual user.


Almuathir Tech Offerings are designed toavoid the collection and use of "personal information" as defined inthe Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act ("COPPA") from childrenunder 13 other than for support of internal operations. We do not knowinglycollect personal information from children. If you are under 13, you may notregister for an account or otherwise provide any personal information to us.

Almuathir Tech respects the privacy ofparents and children and is committed to complying with COPPA . If a parent believesthat his or her child has submitted personal information to Almuathir Tech, heor she can contact us via email. We will take steps to promptly delete theinformation upon learning that it relates to a child under the age of 13. Werecognize the importance of safeguarding the privacy of children and encourageparents to check and monitor their children's use of online activitiesregularly.


By accessing and/or using any of the AlmuathirTech Offerings, you signify your understanding of and agreement with thisPrivacy Policy, and to our Terms of Use. If you do not agree with our policies,please do not access or use any Almuathir Tech Offerings.


We may modify this Privacy Policy fromtime to time. When we post changes to this Privacy Policy, we will revise the"last modified" date at the top of this page. We encourage you toperiodically review this Privacy Policy to be informed of how Almuathir Techprotects your information.